microscope and cells/Biological Science Laboratory I/“How to Do a Lab Report”

microscope and cells/Biological Science Laboratory I/“How to Do a Lab Report”
Reports must be TYPED: NO handwritten reports will be accepted. Write in complete sentences and in paragraph form (except for Materials – BULLET and Methods – LETTER/NUMBER format). Use the subtitles given in the outline below. Write in the PAST TENSE: you are writing about an experiment already performed/completed. Write in the ACTIVE VOICE use (I, ME, WE).

I. Title Page/Cover Page
Include Title (very top of page), Name, Date, Course and Section Number (middle, centered), and TA’s name

II. Introduction
• Should be 1-2 paragraphs
• State the objective (purpose) of the experiment
• Brief summary of relevant background information of the experiment
Example: In this lab, we investigated the activity of the enzyme diastase, and examine the effects of enzyme concentration, temperature, and pH on the ability of diastase to digest starch. Enzymes are protein molecules that act as catalyst of biological systems, they tend to act on only one substrate, and change it to only one product……….

III. Materials (in lab manual, handouts, etc.)
States what materials were used to perform the experiment (goggles, lab apron, etc.)

IV. Methods (in lab manual, handouts, etc)
Explains what procedures were done during the experiment

V. Results
1. Discusses data obtained based on observation during the experiment (include graphs, diagrams, etc.)
Present the results of the experiment in ONLY table/graph/chart form. Tables and Figures must have proper labels and titles. Briefly summarize the results here, but DO NOT interpret or discuss the results in this section.

Example: I (We) observed that the trial was in a 30 sec interval and that there was too much I2KI added to the solution which caused for the color in the wells to change rapidly…….

VI. Discussion
1. Gives a summary of the results that were obtained
2. Interpret and discuss your data and relate the results to the background information from the introduction section of your report. Explain WHY you think you obtained the results you did. Did the results SUPPORT the hypothesis? Discuss experimental errors that may have caused unexpected results.

VII. References
List the (outside) sources from which information was obtained for the experiment
Example: (Lab Manual)
Morgan, Judith Giles, M. Eloise Carter, and Neil A. Campbell. “Investigating Biology Lab Manual”, 8th ed. Boston: Benjamin – Cummings Company, 2007.