Microsoft’s Pricing Behavior

In 2002 a U.S. court of appeals imposed remedies relating to a lower court’s findings that Microsoft had a monopoly in personal computer (PC) operating system and had maintained its monopoly through illegal actions.
At the U.S. Justice Department’s Web site,, Click on the Agencies on the top of the window, Click on Antitrust Division and then on website Click on Antitrust Case Filings Find U.S. vs. Microsoft case filings. Scroll down to District Court filings and find Findings of Fact In the list of Findings of Fact find Court’s Findings of Fact (11/5/99).

On what basis did the court conclude that Microsoft was a monopoly (see “Market Share”)? What was Microsoft’s market share of Intel-compatible PC operating system? Of all operating system, including those of Apply computers? What evidence did the court cite in claiming that Microsoft charged above-competitive prices (see “Microsoft’s Pricing Behavior)?