Middle and South America

Middle and South America

Middle and South America please read the chapters (ISBN#978-1-118-09360-3 Geography Text Book Regions by De Blij/Muller/Nijman 15e/2012)read chapter) on each and then watch at least three of the following Frontline World films. You are expected to discuss a few of the significant challenges and advantages related to the region that are addressed in the films. Make sure you incorporate comments on them into your DB contributions. Remember that it is your responsibility to demonstrate that you have viewed the films in your postings.

– Mexico: Crimes at the border

– Tortillanomics: Food or fuel?

– Cuba: The art revolution

– Bolivia: On the road with Evo

– Colombia: This little old town

– Venezuela: A nation on edge

– Brazil: Cutting the wire

Here is the link: http://www.pbs.org/frontlineworld/stories/r1.html