Middle Eastern powers

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Middle Eastern powers

1. In the nineteenth century, Middle Eastern powers started to undertake serious efforts to reform their societies. To what extent were they successful? Why or why not? Make sure to analyze
specific historical examples to support your thesis. 2. How did World War I transform the political landscape of the Middle East? What remained the same? What changed? Why? Which historical
processes became more important after 1918 in the region? 3. Compare and contrast the experiences of two different countries in the Middle East during the interwar period 1918-1939. How did each
react to European imperialism, and how did each attempt to establish its own independent state?

2. Critical Punk

Write 350+ well organized words critically examining and making clear repeated use of “Punk Attitude” and our readings to discuss: the different ways of thinking about how Punk emerged; what it
meant to those living at the time; and how the transnational was a part of Punk.

3.Case Analysis

Read the Martha McCaskey case . use and cite course material thoroughly to guide your discussion.

1.Discuss the broader implications of this case. What issues are raised in this case that have implications beyond the specific individuals or organizations in the case? What did you learn that you
can apply in your own future career? What are the most important implications for practicing managers?