Migrant and Refugee Wellbeing

Migrant and Refugee Wellbeing

The post comprises of three asighnmensts

1 Migrant and Refugee Wellbeing

2 leadership for quality improvement in nursing

3 Emotional Leadership’ and how it possibly affects cross-cultural cooperation

Asighnment 1

Organizational and systems leadership for quality improvement in nursing

Order Description

A health care organization may have highly qualified doctors and nurses who meet quality indicators for technical quality; however, due to a lack of communication,
empathy, and scheduled office hours, patient satisfaction is low. In the corporate world, the phrase “the customer is always right” is frequently used to emphasize the
importance of meeting the needs and expectations of the consumer. How does this approach apply to health care?

Health care industries are now using quality improvement models that are very business-centric to improve the quality of care delivery, patient satisfaction, and
safety. In this Discussion, you evaluate various quality improvement models and determine which model would best be applied in your practice setting to address a
specific need. You also develop a mission statement for addressing the practice problem.

To prepare:

Reflect on the various quality improvement models and their application in health care presented in the Learning Resources.
Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each model.
Consider how these metrics facilitate change and improve the management of chronic disease.
Consider how these models have been, or could be, applied in your practice setting.
Based on your selected area of need, define a practice problem and create a corresponding mission statement.
Investigate baseline data, and evaluate why this practice problem is a priority for improvement. Ask yourself: How does this practice problem in my organization
compare to other organizations?

By Day 3

Post a cohesive response that addresses the following:

Summarize any practice problem relevant to your setting of interest and share a potential measurable goal for a QI team. Be sure to include the data that justifies why
you feel a change is needed in this specific area.
Explain how the PDSA model might be applied , giving specific reasoning as to why this model best fits the needs of your practice problem. Describe how the practice
problem you describe might be of interest to any accreditation initiative.

Answers must be based on hospital environment – Nursing Journals

A Reference
Boyd, S., Aggarwal, I., Davey, P., Logan, M., & Nathwani, D. (2011). Peripheral intravenous catheters: the road to quality improvement and safer patient care. Journal
of Hospital Infection, 77(1), 37–41. doi:10.1016/j.jhin.2010.09.011

Asighnment 2′

Emotional Leadership’ and how it possibly affects cross-
cultural cooperation

Order Description

Ass1 Presentation to management board envision you are the Head of HR in a company that you are familiar with. If you have no specific company, envision
a company that you are familiar with. The CEO of the company has asked all department heads to present about the following topics to the management board, in order for
them be informed about possible improvement areas when working internationally. In this context, please put together an Executive Style Presentation with approx. 20
mins in length. In this presentation, please inform your senior management about one topic from the following list of choices: 1.Differentiate Transformational and
Transactional leadership and lay out how the two concepts translate into a practical work environment. 2.Please briefly explain the concept of Cross-Cultural
Management and its relevance in supporting global business operations. 3.provide an overview about ‘Emotional Leadership’ and how it possibly affects cross-
cultural cooperation. 4. differentiate existing conflict styles and how they are applied in different cultural environments. Please note the following important
points: This is an individual assignment (not group). You do not need to "present" personally. The submission should be in executive format with
notes shown below explaining the bullet points in the slides. It is recommended that you use one slide per page with notes underneath. Include referencing/ sourcing.
Please upload using Pdf format. If you upload using PowerPoint the notes may not show below. . The assessment criteria is: •Max 20 slides •Formatted to a high degree,
suitable to present to Senior Management •Visible structure of the presentation •Clear adhearance to the instructions as above •The presentation must be research-
informed, means you need to present based on academic reading, not your own practical experience •You must properly reference sources that you have consulted •You must
provide a conclusion and present recommendations •Please provide supporting comments in the slide notes Please convert your document from ppt(s) to .pdf and upload the
document exclusively in

Asighnmenst 3

Migrant and Refugee Wellbeing

Order Description

Consider in depth a service that aims to meet some of the wellbeing needs of undocumented migrants, asylum seekers, refugees or internally displaced persons and which
may be viewed as an example of good practice in the field.

What views of the needs of migrant or refugee wellbeing underpins the service?
-The rationale of the organisation, its mission, etc.

What are the particular challenges it faces?
• Funding –how is it funded
• Retaining and recruiting the right staff
• Small numbers of refugees in areas where organisations may exist (potentially)

How feasible do you think it would be to transfer the approach used by the service to another locality or country?

note that you can choose any migrant or refugee group and any international location. It could, for example, be an initiative for undocumented migrants in
Norway, for refugees in Malta or Italy, or asylum seekers in the UK, or perhaps a support group for internally displaced people in a war affected zone etc.

It can be in the sphere of healthcare, including mental health, education or any other type of migrant and/or refugee support.

Some organisations:
• Refugee council
• Freedom from Torture
• Refugee Action
• Refugee Women’s Association
• Young Roots
• Hummingbird project
• Brighton Voices in Exile
• PICUM – international organisation on undocumented migrants