Milieu and (AM Therapy

1. Milieu and (AM Therapy

As a therapist, you may have clients who use integrative therapies in conjunction with the conventional
therapies prescribed by the health care provider. Identify issues that are important to assess, and discuss
how you would ask about the use of these non-conventional practices. Discuss how to avoid medication
interactions and polypharmacy. Specifically address Milieu Therapy and CAM (complementary alternative
medications). An introduction and conclusion are not required. Please use references from 2012 or newer from
scholarly US sources.

2.Reentry best practice Implementation Plan

You have previously provided the Warden with a report on a Correctional “Best Practice Reentry” program.
The Warden has now instructed you to prepare a Proposal detailing the implementation of the “Best Practice
Reentry Program.” The presentation will be given to the Commissioner, and at the minimum will include:

A description of the program.

An explanation why the program is needed in the Department of Correction.

Explain how this initiative contributes to the agency fulfilling its mission and vision.

Identify the fixed cost items which will be necessary to get the program established. (You do not have to
provide the actual budget. Provide the information necessary for the fiscal department to prepare a budget
e.g. personnel, supplies. equipment, etc.)

Explain if the implementation plan will require negotiations with the Union? If so. why?

Identify the stakeholders. What involvement, if any, should they have in the implementation of the project?