Mind map creation of the novel Indian horse


Choose one of the following themes/motifs in the novel. Using this theme, you will create a mind
map that makes visual and written connections between the
theme and the novel.
What is a mind map? A mind map is essentially a visual web
that branches off of one central idea and makes connections
between ideas in an organized way. For you, the central idea
will be the novel’s title and the theme below. Each branch
should be one of the elements, and should be connected to
the novel and the theme you’ve chosen. You will need to
include more text than the example shown, but they are
meant to be colourful, and to represent the topic visually as
well as textually. You can also make connections across the
mind map and add in whatever else you think is important to the theme you’ve chosen.
Your mind map MUST include the following elements as they connect to the theme you’ve
● Thematic statement (put the theme topic into a theme statement )
● Main characters (at least 2 characters)
○ What are the character’s traits, behaviors, attitudes, motivations, changes, etc. How
does the character change? Are they worthy of praise, or criticism? How does the
character connect to the theme?
● Setting
○ Make sure to mention all 3 settings: Northern Ontario Wilderness, Residential
School, and the hockey arena.
● Tone and Mood
● Conflict
● Significance of the title
● 10 quotes that connect to the theme
● A direct answer to the questions that go with the theme choice.
The mind map should be visually appealing and should have images, colours, words, etc.
that match the theme and mood. Your mind map can be on paper, posterboard, or digital.
Google slides, prezi, and PPT are NOT acceptable. Be creative. Find a different way to represent
your information. Make sure that your mind map answers the questions attached to the themes.