Mindset and approach to learning.

Reflect on what you have learned about mindset and explore your approach to learning. Believing in your ability to learn anything and developing a learning orientation to life can help you to find valuable lessons from every experience and persevere through learning challenges. To earn credit for this assignment, please respond to all of the prompts in an essay style format. Please do not use numbers or bullet points in your response.

Write about mindset. Write a definition of “growth mindset” and “fixed mindset” in your own words. Choose a quote or song lyric and explain how it represents a growth or fixed mindset.

Write about yourself. What is your reaction to the videos and the class presentation on mindset? Which mindset to you relate to the most when it comes to your classes and academic experiences?

Write about your approach to learning. What are some of your learning successes so far at Stony Brook University? What challenges have you come across or mistakes have you made? What can you learn from them? What are some topics in your classes that you don’t understand YET? What are some actions you can take to help you improve? What kind of help do you need to make these improvements?