Mindset Headphones

We are a PR firm named Launchpad. We are trying to advertise a new product, that we made up, called Mindset Headphones. We have to imagine IF we are going to advertise the headphones how are we going to do it. Please write the elements of a program plan, which are 1) Situation 2) Objectives 3) Audience 4) Strategy 5) Tactics 6) Calendar/timetable 7) Budget 8) Evaluation And lastly, please include a Gantt chart. I will include files that I have done about Mindset Headphones and the strengths and weaknesses of the Company.

Are you tired of trying to find the perfect song for your mood? Well, the mindset are headphones that scans your brainwaves and interprets your mood. Mindsets work with an app, which then selects songs from its database. Mindsets are not any technology that you wish you had, it’s a technology that you need. If your goal is to look professional and become a part of the new future then Mindsets is a necessity. For only 80KD Mindsets could be yours to help reach all your goals.

SWOT Analysis
1 Accurate
2 Good quality
3 Wireless
4 Music in multiple languages
5 Saves time

1) Price 80 KWD
2) New technology

1) Target athletes
2) Target special needs
3) Target business workers

1 Apple airPods
2 Bose
3 Beats