Minority Situations

Minority Situations Think of a group to which you belong (e.g., male, female, athlete, computer gamer, heterosexual, gay man/lesbian). Put yourself in a minority situation in which your minority status could b bly expected to be observed during a half-hour interaction (e.g., if you’re a man, go into Victoria’s Secret; if you’re heterosexual, go to a meeting of the Ten Percent Society, etc.). Spend at least 30 minutes in your minority situation.. sure to take note of how you are treated and the feelings being in the minority situation brings up within you. To complete the assignment, write a summary of your experience. Your summary should be typed and one full single-spaced page in length. Please include the following points in your summary. Be sure that the essay flows together and is not a sequence of answers to the bulleted points. Describe your minority situation. Did other people easily notice your minority status? How do you know if they did or did not notice? D Is it common for you to immerse yourself in situations in which you are an obvious minority member? Does this change how you reacted to the situation you are describing? D What was it like being in the minority situation? What feelings did you nace while in the situation? D Finally, draw on at least two of the topics talked a.ut in our section on groups and/or targets of stereoty.s. By topics I , mean the boldfaced terms or the chapter headings within each section of the textbook. , o Explain how the concepts from Chapters 8 & 9 of the Myers .ok can help you to understand your experiences during the minority situation.