mise en scene of tim burton sleepy hollow


want my essay to focus on the mise en scene of the first 5 minutes of the movie.

Prof. Vicki Brown 1
ENGL 2341: Essay 1
Prompt: For this essay, each student must select a brief sequence of shots (approximately 3
minutes) that create a dramatic unit (usually a brief scene) in Sleepy Hollow. Then begin writing
a multi-paragraph essay (minimum 500 words, plus works cited) that analyzes some significant
elements of your chosen sequence. Analyze (don’t just describe) the shots’ editing,
cinematography, mise en scene, or other significant elements. Explain how the shots work
together. What is important about these shots, and how is meaning built up in the scene?
Pre-writing stage: After you’ve chosen an interesting sequence to write about, watch the sequence
several times, and describe each of the shots. Pay attention to lighting, camera angles and distances,
composition, editing, sound, costumes, sets, characterization, symbolism, and narrative meanings.
(Note that we haven’t covered the acting chapter, so do not focus on that.) You may find the
Screening Checklists for Chapters 5, 6, 8, & 9 under the Looking at Movies button helpful during
this stage.
Drafting stage: Based on your pre-writing, narrow your focus to one or two elements that seem most
significant in terms of creating meaning in the scene. Because this is a brief essay assignment, it will
be important to narrow your focus so that you analyze in depth (rather than present a superficial list
of all elements in the scene). Then draft your essay.
Revision stage: As you revise your draft, concentrate on sticking to your line of argument and on
providing illustrations from the film to back up your main points. Remember that your reader knows
the film and doesn’t want lots of plot summary (this happens, then that, then something else . . . ).
No additional research is required. However, if you do use any other sources, be sure to give credit
for any idea, phrase, or sentence borrowed from each source. Not to do so is plagiarism, which will
result in a failing grade for the essay and probably failure of this course.
1. Do your own work. This is an independent, not a group assignment. Students may not
collaborate on any portion of this assignment. Assistance from other friends or relatives is
prohibited as well; instead, use our free tutoring services as needed.
2. Exceed the following length requirement: minimum 500 words, plus works cited. An
essay that fails to exceed this requirement will receive a failing grade. Please also note that
an essay that barely exceeds this length is unlike to receive an A or a B.
3. Formatting:
 Follow 2016 MLA formatting and documentation guidelines.
 Use black, 12 pt. Times New Roman font.
 Do not provide a title page.
4. Do not plagiarize. Contact me if you have any questions regarding integrating sources.
5. To be accepted and graded, the paper must adhere to 2016 MLA guidelines for formatting
and documentation, and must be submitted to Turnitin, a plagiarism detection service,
through our Blackboard course site. I will only grade papers that have been submitted
through Turnitin.
6. Late papers: Each student will be allowed ONE “late pass” to submit an essay one day late (24
hours late from the time the paper was due) with no penalty. Except for this single “late pass,”
Prof. Vicki Brown 2
essays will not be accepted or graded after the deadline. Therefore, it makes sense for students to
save your “late pass” for emergencies only.
Grading Criteria: After your essay has been submitted to Turnitin, I will evaluate the final
version of your essay. A passing essay will meet all of the requirements listed above and will
also exhibit conventions of academic writing as follows:
 Responds fully and specifically to the prompt;
 Demonstrates understanding of the chosen sequence and of relevant course materials;
 Accurately represents and effectively integrates relevant material from all sources
following 2016 MLA guidelines;
 Contains developed and coherent paragraphs (use transitions);
 Contains clear, concise, and direct prose;
 Adheres to 2016 MLA guidelines, including a complete, accurately formatted Works
Cited page;
 Avoids errors in grammar, punctuation, and mechanics;
 Exceeds the length requirement.
Academic Honesty: All work you submit must be your own. Do not plagiarize or do anything
that may assist others to plagiarize or to cheat. See the course syllabus (posted under the
Syllabus button at our Blackboard course site) as well the San Jacinto College 2016-2017
Student Handbook.