Mission Promotable — Message Strategy

Mission Promotable — Message Strategy

Order Description


Examine your brand’s existing messaging and copywriting, paying special attention tone, voice, semiotics, and style. Post examples of your brand’s latest campaign. Then, using the same voice, tone, semiotics, and style as your brand, write five headlines of your own.

Step 1: Choose your favorite headline and illustrate the headline using semiotics.

Step 2: Next, use your imagination to develop an original story for your brand. If needed, you may use the two-sided Storytelling Worksheet (attached with this post) to assist you in developing your story. (I have also included a SAMPLE storytelling worksheet for you to use as a guide; the sample centers upon Missoni for Target.)

Step 3: Recount your original story for the last part of your post.


Headline: David Beckham – Body wear semiotics


Please describe your brand in one sentence.

Fashion and quality at the best price.

What is your current market position?

Latest trends and fashions, with the best quality at the lowest possible price point.

Describe the challenges and/or opportunities?


Online shopping is gaining a lot of importance
Emerging economies will support H&M’s expansion plans
They are well positioned to tap the niche organic apparel market
An expanding home-decoration department


Weak competitive situation as the prominence of value retailers and premium luxury brands increases
Their newest business line home-ware has not been able to click in Europe and hence is leading to lowering sales
Unemployment is also continuously pressurizing their target segment to discretionary spending
What are your communication goals?

To build awareness and to communicate the season’s designs and the price points.

What are your obstacles? (People, organizations, time, money, knowledge, environment)

To maintain low cost production in order to keep the price points as low as possible. H&M has special guidelines for the advertising of children’s clothing as it is their parents whom are targeted and not the children. To keep their advertising ethical is furthermore and obstacle, as well as to remain sustainable both in marketing and production. Furthermore, for the marketing message the main obstacle is the over cluttered marketing environment, making it difficult to get their marketing message to their customers.

Identify your target market(s).

Women, Men, Teenagers who have medium to high purchasing power and have a completely vibrant and rebellious attitude, living in urban areas.

What do they care about?

They love to spice up their wardrobe and want to look stylish at all times while not spending their entire income on their style and fashion wants and needs.

How will you reach them?

Through social media, billboards, TV and print ads.

How will you convert them?

Most of them are already customers of H&M. They just need the latest information regarding the brand and what is available in the stores at the moment.

How/when will you know you have won?

By steady sales number, possibly a slight increase, by customers communicating with the brand, and by customers entering a store saying: “I saw this garment in one of your ad’s”.



Soccer star David Beckham collaboration with H&M – collection called; Modern Essentials Selected by David Beckham.

Back Story:

H&M has decided to go back to a campaign which was first introduced in Spring 2013, The David Beckham Body wear Collection. Now H&M has decided to use the success they had by collaborating with Mr. Beckham back in 2013, to a collection called; Modern Essentials Selected by David Beckham, which is made up of stylish, classic, and dressier wardrobe staples like trench coats, button-down shirts, sweaters, blazers, and slim-fit pants—which explains why he’s a bit more clothed this time around in H&M’s advertisements, rather than just running around in his underwear as was seen in the brands commercials back in 2013.

Inciting Incident:

In a world of fast fashion, H&M has gone back to the basics with the fact that “sex sells”, and even more so if it is illustrated through a celebrity endorsement.

End game:

By collaborating with David Beckham, H&M has managed to target a new section of their demographics of their target market. This is a group of fashionable and trendy consumers who see shopping as a social activity providing pleasure in their daily life. They acquire the most fashionable clothes each season and want to follow the trends without investing a lot of money. They target both men and women, usually between 18-45 years of age, with a slightly lower – to mid- income range, living mostly in urban areas, and has a vast interest in fashion, trends, lifestyle, and glamour, though maybe not able to afford the latests, newest, which is also top of the range. By using David Beckham they target both the male and female part of this demographic.


The antagonists of this marketing campaign are the fashion editors, bloggers and customers writing and communicating the brands new collaboration.

Act II “The Love Story”:

They have utilized various media outlets – website, catalog, blogs, social media, billboards, ads, banner ads, email, in-store promotions and sales, Fashion Star television show (which drives business to their company) and effective commercials. For their first collaboration with Mr. Beckham they even had fellow British movie director, Guy Ritchi to direct a TV advertisement for the collection. The “love story” is no longer simply between H&M and David Beckham, but between H&M and the separate part of the demographic of the target market which is targeted by the use of David Beckham as their celebrity endorser.


A new, affordable, sexy men’s line, which will have women running after you as if you were David Beckham.