Mission Statement:

Mission Statement:
Our officeis  located in London, therefore the events should be created taking to in consideration that we provide services within England.
Our company organizes various events for mentally and physically disable people.  Our website’sspecialtyis the fact that the people with disabilities are able to browse and search their opportunities on their own with the special function on the website that are adopted for these people( function that allows to change size, color, etc. of text of the whole website, in order for those who are color blinded, bad visioned people) .
The main idea of this website is to give the people with disabilities or any other sponsors or representatives of those , an opportunity to book an organization of any events ( such as, cultural, travel, education, sports and entertainment events) on their own.
Medical and mental centers are our main resource for spreading out our services.
We operate within a team of 20 main members and other specialized doctors that are there for any type of consultation and support in the process of organization and during the event.

What should be included in the website:
-In accordance to the information on what special functions this type of website should have, such as functions of choice of size and color of text for different types of disabilities( check on it!)
-Audio functions (for blind disabilities)
-language options
-possibility of reservation and payment

Main pages:
1.    Home
2.    About us (History, our team including management and doctors)
3.    Events (see description bellow)
4.    Photo gallery
5.    Our clients (few clinics which are using our services regularly
6.    Partners, sponsors and information for charity (dif. Companies or individuals)

1.    Sport activities: in accordance to disabilities (example: wheelchair activities, swimming for physically disable etc)
2.    Cultural events
3.    Entertainment events
4.    Education (music, reading coursesetc)
5.    Travel (only Europe. Possible trips for disable)

All of the knowledge and information on people with disabilities has to be researched in order to include in the chosen list of events those events that could apply to any different types of people with disabilities. There might be done subsections, which state separate sections of events for separate kinds of disabilities. Also, the website should include the options to browse in stages these events( Such as disability-event-date….).

!!!!!!! The website has to be done and presented in power point using hyperlinks( relate to the given example of a similar work on a different topic)
According to the outline of the project attached there should be minimum of 40 slides, but we need a minimum of 60!

Also, the example of a similar work (PowerPoint) provided gives a clear picture of the structure and format of how should the project be presented. However, example work provided is completely different from our groups idea, therefore the context of this work should be completely different, as it relates to organization of events. The context should be expanded in the way that the writer feels appropriate.

Icons: such as language, disabilities function for text and so on should be included on every page.. However other icons may be added.

The context of the written text for all the parts should be expanded in a creative way that shows that this work has been clearly researched (on the people with disabilities). The writer may be as creative as possible, therefore expand the topic as much as he/she can.

Here are the possible subsections to the Events, however the writer may add or delete any other possible and appropriate events.:

Travel events that we might propose:
1. organized travelling to different cities (Museums, zoos, national parks)
2. Organized travelling to different countries (visiting cities, museums, festivals)
3. visiting tourism fairs

Quantity of participants depends on size of the event organized, presence of official representative is mandatory. From our side we guarantee the presence of doctor and supervisors.

Summer Sports For Death People
Beach Volleyball
Cycling Road
Table Tennis
Water Polo
Wrestling Freestyle

Winter Sports
Alpine Skiing
Cross Country
Curling Ice

Culture :
Culture events
Museums, art galleries, live performances of dance, poetry recitation, drama; theatres, , , city festivals, church festivals and events (religion), lectures related to humanities

Trips to Events, such as the Circus, Shows..
Cinema ( Evening Events)
Music Events ( concerts, live music, bands…) –
Restaurants ( Food and Eating)
Theme parks( if possible by situation)
Carnivals and Festivals
Magician shows
Ice shows
Indoor Games
Any types of Fairs (such as crafts or ComicBook Fairs)
Outdoor Events ( eg. Arena Shows…)
Aquarium visits
Zoo visits
Organization of Birthdays


Extra Info( could be corrected to a more appropriate manner, as well as the context could be changed if needed):

Mission statement, should include:
our specialities, why is our organization and webpage so special:
-the disabled have equal possibilities in choice as ordinary
-“Equally accessible as for the ordinary or with disabilities,having the same choice and the possibility to browse and choose themselves due to the easy structure of the website and the extra functions that are adoptable for those that have disabilities. “