Mixed Motive Case Study

Review Case study 7-22 Employer “Mixed Motive” When Terminating Female-Circumstantial Evidence Admissible to Prove Anti-Female
Workplace/U-S- Supreme Court, found on page 85 in the textbook- Desert Palace, Inc- dba Caesers Palace Hotel and Casino v- Costa, 539 U-S-90
(2003; US. Supreme Court, (June 9, 2003)-
The full decision is available at httpilliMMN-law-cornell-edulsupct/htmI/02-679-ZS-html
Then, consider this hypothetical situation- You are the fire chief. A female firefighter has complained to you about ongoing harassment, and you
have promptly investigated and verbally cautioned her male crew members to stop the harassment- Describe what steps you should next take when
you receive complaints from those same crew members about her lack of cooperation and substandard performance-