Mobile IP topology.

A router can serve as a Home Agent and Foreign Agent at the same time.
2. Draw a basic mobile IP topology.
3. How does a mobile node secure registration messages using the FA Challenge mechanism?
4. Consider a Mobile Node with a single interface whose Home Address is and Home Agent is Let us assume that the MN roams away from home to FA, and then to another FA, It then finds itself still roaming, but not within the domain of a FA. At this point, it obtains a Collocated CoA and continues to roam. After some times, it returns home. Explain step by step of the sequences of the above problem.
5. Describe macro mobility and micro mobility in mobile IP.
6. What does campus mobility mean?
7. What is the difference between CoA and CCoA?
8. What is a AAA server? How does it help in a mobile IP deployment?