MOCA Collection

Analyze and assessing the exhibition of artworks in MOCA’s permanent collection. As you walk around and look at the exhibition, draw a diagram of the layout of the rooms and take notes on which artworks were placed where and in what order. The assignment itself should be structured into three parts: analysis, assessment, and proposal. In the first section of your paper, describe and analyze the installation of the series of rooms. Consider and respond to the following questions:
Which artworks were selected for display? How are they grouped together? How are the cluster of artworks in each room organized as an exhibition? Is there a narrative sequence to the rooms? If not, is there another logic that you can discern?
In the second part of the paper, evaluate and assess how the exhibition is organized and installed.
What did you think of the exhibition’s organization? Do you think it’s successful? If yes, how so? If no, what is your critique of it?
propose a reorganization and/or installation of the artworks on display.
How would you organize and install these artworks? Are there artworks that you would include that seem to be critically significant, but are missing from the current display? What is your criteria for the selection of artworks and your curatorial method? Justify your decisions.