Modelling in the marine environment

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Modelling in the marine environment

Give an account of the impact measurement has on numerical models, explain the importance of measurements to assessing the use of model output. Go on to discuss the use of principal component
analysis on the analysis of data and how this can assist the designer. Finally, discuss neural network modelling and the use of genetic algorithms, and give your impression of the impact these
might have on modelling in the next five to ten years. Support your answer with figures, illustrations and references from outside of the taught programme where necessary, being sure to use the
Harvard system.

2.”The Saints and the Roughnecks”

• Chambliss (in Article #26) studied two groups of boys: the “Saints” and the “Roughnecks.” Members of each group were involved in delinquent activities. r. Briefly describe the social factors that
led to the “Saints” being described as good boys while the “Roughnecks” were labeled as delinquents even though members of both groups were involved in deviant behavior. 2. In your experience as a
social observer, are there groups on the WSU campus whose members are more likely that other students to be labeled as deviant? In your experiences, are those labeled deviant more likely to commit
deviant behaviors than other students? What sacra/ factors are likely to responsible for singling out these students for negative labeling?

3. Lysistrata adapted for ?Republicans War on Women and their right to Abort?

Taking the Play ?Lysistrata? and proposing a contemporary production of it, so that it can be described as ?Theatre in Extremis? Write a 250-400 word abstract and annotated bibliography.