Modern China Test

The following post has two questions namely;

1.Modern China Test


Part One: Identifications (choose four — 5 points each, 20% of grade): Three sentences each — say what the thing is, give date if appropriate, and explain significance for the course.

Sun Yatsen
Macartney expedition
Treaty of Nanjing
Sino-Japanese War

Part Two: Essays (no choice, two essays, 40 points each, 80% of grade)
Read the two accounts of the Shining Red Lanterns, taken from Chapter 10 of The Search for Modern China: A Documentary Collection, page 176. Answer both of the two questions below.

(From 10.5 “Several Accounts of the Shining Red Lanterns”)

4. “The Shining Red Lanterns were all women. All of them were unmarried girls about eighteen or nineteen years old. They dressed all in red and when they waved fans or bowls they could go up to
heaven. They could ride clouds in the sky and become magic fairies!” (Interview with Feng Jinyu, age 84, Feng village, Wulizhuang commune, Renping county, January 1966.)

6 “In every village there were girls who studied the Shining Red Lantern. In my village there were eight to ten of them. They all carried a red lantern in their right hand and a red fan in the left
hand. They’d wave the fans and go up into the sky. They didn’t want people to watch and so they’d practice at night when it was dark. There was a song then that went: ‘Learn to be a Boxer, study
the Red Lantern. Kill all the foreign devils and make the churches burn.’” (Interview with Li Mingde, age 74, Liuli Temple, Liuli Temple commune, Gaotang county, January 1966.)

Questions (Answer both questions in about two paragraphs. In each case, the questions are trying to get you to show, first, that you understand the major content of the course (the narrative of
Chinese history), second, that you can understand the point of view offered in a primary source, and third, that you can critique the source (suggest what it is missing, how it might be biased, or
how a different person might have a different point of view). The questions above at first may sound more difficult than they really are — remember that you are mostly interpreting a document that
will be right in front of you. I am not going to try to trick you. )

For the midterm, you may consult your notes, but you may not confer with any other person. I expect the midterm to take you about an hour.

1. What does this account suggest was heroic about the Boxers?

2. What suggests that Boxers might have had other, less heroic goals?

2.Impact of tourism on mount Everest

What impact does tourism have on Mount Everest?