Module 9 – Assignment Instructions

Module 9 – Assignment Instructions

Read the content provided to you regarding dates

Assignment Part 1:
1. Download this project and finish it. Write a program that loops through the 60 invoices in the array and pulls the values into one of 3 rich textboxes, applying some formatting.

a) place the invoices that are less than 60 days old in richtextbox1,
b) place the invoices that are between 60 and 90 days old in richtextbox2,
c) place the invoices that are >90 days old in richtextbox3,

For the lines of information placed into each textbox for each invoice, use the format “Dear Customer ##, your invoice ##, for the amount of $##, on date ##/##/##, is ## days old.”

Then add to the end of the line a few choice words varying in severity based on how many days the bill is old (<60, 60-90, >90)

Assignment part #2

Review the programs that integrate the usage of functions and looping. Next create and upload a similar program of your own design. Include commenting to explain the problem that you solved. Create a program that integrates looping of an array, uses dates, and/or functions. Here is your chance to prep for exam #2.