Module title :Employability In Action

Module title :Employability In Action

Assignment title :Psychometric Test- analysis & reflection Mentor & HR Advice – Report, Reflection, Evidence & Actions

Layout/Presentation: Aerial font with a 1.5 spacing between the sentences and paragraphs

Title: Reflective journal, the individual student will reflect back on the activities conducted in class as follows:

?    Kims game
?    Marshmallow challenge.
?    Belbin teams role ( linked this to your role within the groups formed for the various exercises)
?    Personality assessment
?    Strengths and weakness
?    Work turn on and offs

Some points you may want to consider whilst writing your reflection (these points are guidelines only)

•    What was the exercise brief (did I understand the instructions if not, why didn’t I?) what did you think the purpose of the exercise was?

•    How did I preform in the team, was my Belbin assessment correct (what do you mean here – do you mean does the student agree with the assessment? )Am I actually  a team player, am I a leader or follower, did I sit back and let others do the work

•    What did I learn about myself during this exercise? What do I need to change and what’s my plan to do so

•    How will what I learnt change my behavior in the future. Previous experience can predict future behavior.

Presentation    20%
Structure/Layout/referencing     30%
Reflective content    50%