Mona Lisa Reserach Paper


Order Description


This research paper must analyze the mona lisa painting. It should explore both the formal and historical qualities of the mona lisa painting.

At least three online sources of reference works must be used. No blogs.

Please don’t use big words, keep it simple. I am a novice in the art field. But please still keep the content strong in the research paper. The research paper should be well organized and correct
in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Titles of artworks(including the mona lisa painting and if naming other artworks in the research paper) should be either underlined or italicized. If using the name of an article from a website,
the articles must be set off with quotation marks.

If you use information that derives from another person’s work, including online material, please make sure to cite it.

Please make sure to add a citing page.