Monetary Economics

  1. Provide some facts about the FIRST currency in your chosen quote. (That is, if your quote is AUD/USD, provide some facts on the AUD. If your quote is USD/AUD, provide some facts on the USD. (about 250 words). [20 marks]

2A. Using daily close data from the last 5 years, plot the exchange rate on a line graph, and indicate TWO specific points on the line where the trend changes. Indicate both these points with arrows on your line graph. There is an example chart at the end of this document.

2B. Investigate and report the factors that may explain these movements (about 250 words per movement (total about 500 words)). [20 marks each = total 40 marks]

The remaining 10 marks will be allocated to the quality of references used and formatting. [2 marks]