Moneyball film analysis


After watching the film Moneyball , respond to the following questions: • Why do you think Billy Beane goes against traditional and conventional norms in order to recruit the best players?  When looking at the broader society, what traditional norms should we, as
citizens, go against?
• There is a scene between Billy and his associate Peter Brand in which Peter is professing how great it is that the A’s have just won 20 games, to which Billy replies that none of that
matters because what he’s more interested in is changing the game and wanting it to mean something. How do you interpret “wanting it to mean something” and what did Billy Beane want to change about
the game of baseball?
• How does Billy Beane handle selfish players that don’t respect the whole team? What message does his response to this type of behavior send to the rest of the team? When looking at the
broader society, what might we learn from Billy Beane’s expectation that each of us as individuals respect the whole team?