Motivating Performance


Create a PowerPoint presentation on the topic of l) peak performance and test anxiety or 2) peak performance and competition arousal. Include a script in me notes section of each MOD detailing wnat you would Say to an auaience about tnat slice. In me presentation, complete tne following: Describe tne topic you are addressing ana its impact on employee performance. That is, oemonstrate riOw test anxiety or competition arousal affects peak performance in the employee work situation. Describe me biological, reamed, and oognitive components of evatuation arousal in tne employee work situation. Recommend motivation tecnniques—supported by the iiterature—for managing test anxiety or competition arousal to improve peak performance. In the final slide or shoes, compile and present a list of five resources tnat would neip tne organization unaerstana me connection between stress, healtn, motivation, and performance. These resources must toe scholarly resources from me Capella library or from reputable professional organizations (for example, American Psychological Association, American Medical Association) found on me Internet. Additional Requirements Your presentation should meet me following requirements: Written communication: written communication is free of errors that oetract from me overall message. APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA sixth edition Style and formatting. Number of resources: At least 3 scnolany acaoemic resources supporting me presentation content, and five scnoiany or professionally reputable resources listed as potential resources for the organization to use, are included in the presentation. Number of presentation slides: The presentation includes a minimum of 8 sloes, excluding tne tine slice and otrliograpny sliae(s) of references. Presentation notes: Each Slide ifiCluOSS the presenters script (what you would say auring the presentation) in the notes section of the Slide.