Movie analysis

Choose several thematically related sections from just one of the six films that we have watched
in class: ,Vertigo (1958), What Ever
Happened to Baby Jane? (1962), 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) or Get Out (2017). You may
analyze the same film that you analyzed in Essay 1, but be sure not to repeat ideas from your first
essay. Now, write a minimum 1000-word essay that argues how these sections from your chosen
film use strategies of editing, camera movement, or sound to develop a specific thematic idea.
Your essay will analyze devices from just one of the following categories:
• Strategies of editing: rhythmic editing, elliptical editing, continuity editing, and/or
graphic editing.
• Strategies of camera movement: tilts, pans, tracking, craning, zooming, handheld
camera work, Steadicam work, and/or long takes.
• Strategies of sound: the juxtaposition of sound and image, sound perspective,
offscreen sound, diegetic sound, nondiegetic sound, and/or internal diegetic sound.