Movie Analysis


Your paper should be 5-7 pages, and will be evaluated based on content, completeness, organization and writing skills. The paper will be in APA format including a title page, in text citations and a reference. At a minimum, you should cite the movie and the textbook.

Briefly summarize the movie.
Assess the family and its current functioning. You should identify the following aspects:
How do they communicate?
Identify the family structure and roles.
What are the patterns of behavior, conflict and stress within the family and how they are dealing with it?
Be sure to identify family strengths and coping strategies.
Identify and describe the cultural aspects of the family. Identify how their culture helps in solving or managing the identified problems.
Apply one theoretical approach to families from Chapter 20 to this family.
Choose three additional social institutions to assess in the movie. (Government/political; economic; education; health care; social welfare; religious; mass media)
Identify and briefly define each institution chosen.
Using specific examples from the movie, how well is that institution fulfilling its role for the family and in the social environment in the movie?
Your conclusion should be where you think the characters in the movie will be in 10 years. Will their lives be better?
Suggested Films
Audrie & Daisy
Imperial Dreams
God Grew Tired of Us
Pursuit of Happyness
Fruitvale Station
The Great Gilly Hopkins
Urban Hymn
The Florida Project
The Royal Tenenbaums
The Squid & the Whale
Little Miss Sunshine
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
August: Osage County