Movie Review and Reaction – Therapeutic Communications

1.Describe how Vivian’s culture influences the following: A. How she handles the news of her diagnosis(include names and details). B.Her interactions with her physician and her healthcare workers. 2.Vivian made the decision to take the “full dose” treatment. Do you think she made this decision for herself to treat her cancer? 3.Vivian looks up the medical words and finds information about her cancer treatment. Why do you think she does this? 4.Why do you think Vivian pinched her IV tubing and caused her IV pump alarm to sound? 5. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross discusses the five stages of death and dying. Give an example of how Vivian experienced one stage(pick one of the stages). What were her reactions and behaviors and what was the stage she was working through and how was it identified? 6.Why do you think Jason called a code? Why bwas Susie angry at him for doing this with Vivian? 7. Vivian was part of a medical research study. Do you think this changed how the people caring for her viewed her condition(physically and emotionally)as they treated her? 8. Vivian was a difficult difficult person to get close too so she put up many personal barriers. If you (as a medical assistant) had a patient like Vivian, how could you form a therapeutic relationship that would maintain the patient’s boundaries, yet let them feel like they could “open up” if they needed to?