Mr. Burns – a Post-Electric Play Response

Think about your positives. Did the production capture them? Did the production team’s values seem to gel with your own? Were there any really strong positive moments that you noted in the script that didn’t seem to show up in the production, or were handled very differently from how you thought they might be handled? Or, did the production capture the things you labeled as positive in a way that you anticipated they might? Think about your challenges. Did the production answer those challenges well? Were there difficult moments you noted in the script, and then were delighted/surprised by how the Wilma handled them in the production? Or, were there challenges you noted that the production did NOT handle well? If they didn’t handle those challenges well, how might you have handled them differently? Think about your concrete and A/V moment lists. Did the production give your choices strong emphasis, or did the moments or objects you chose end up being less important in the Wilma’s production?