Multidimensional Comparative Framework

view the following brief video titled “Cultural Competence: A Family’s Perspective”

Once you have completed this video, please follow the directions below.

Directions: Now that you have watched the video, please take some time to answer the following questions by applying the Ecological Context from Falicov’s (1995) model, to the case study you just viewed. Within the Ecological Context, multicultural approaches focus on the problem, including individual and. Therapists should then create eco-maps that help to illustrate connections between personal issues and socioeconomic stresses or cultural pressures. (Falicov, 1995).

1. As a therapist, listening to the Mother’s experience after coming to the US from Mexico, consider the family interactions with the US institutions. From our social work background, what values and belief systems do you believe are inherent in Western medical institutions?
2. Why do you think this mother was treated the way she was by the Doctor?
3. Within this doctor/patient relationship, the potential for marginalization exists. Explain how discrimination because of race, gender, economics, and immigrant status or reduced access to resources, could impact this family.
4. As a therapist for this family, how would you intervene to improve the situation?