Multilateral Environnemental Agreements, Eco-Holistic Theory, Regime Theory

Multilateral Environnemental Agreements, Eco-Holistic Theory, Regime Theory

1500 word Critical Report (40%)
The first part of your assessment consists of writing a critical report on a Multilateral Environmental Agreement (MEA) of your choice.

What I am looking for here is critical analysis of the question of effectiveness of environmental agreements, based on the analysis of regime theoretical literature as well as an original piece of international environmental law.

There are hundreds of MEAs. You should select one environmental agreement or treaty. The subject matter may reflect your particular interest, for example, climate change, toxic waste, forests, acid rain, maritime pollution, endangered species, air pollution, chemicals, energy, desertification, drought, biodiversity, fauna and flora, nuclear, etc.

There are many sources for MEAs. For example:
UNEP: Register of International Treaties and Agreements in the field of the environment

First of all, I would like you to consider the nature of the MEA? Pay attention to the following questions:

a.) What form does the MEA take? Is it bilateral, multilateral, regional or global?
b.) Is it a stand-alone agreement? Is it a framework convention or a protocol?
c.) How many states signed the agreement and when did they sign?
d.) How many states ratified the agreement, and when did it come into force?
e.) Was the agreement open – in any aspect – to non-state signatories?
f.) Over what period was the MEA negotiated?

Further, special attention should be paid to the following matters:

g.) What are the particular instruments of regulation, which the MEA proposes to use?
h.) What monitoring mechanism, if any, is proposed in the MEA?
i.) Are special agencies set up to implement the MEA? Or, is the MEA simply to be
incorporated into domestic law? What forms of incorporation into domestic law are proposed, if any?
j.) What enforcement mechanisms, if any, are proposed? Finally, you should turn your attention to one crucial question:
k.) How effective do you think this agreement will be/has been? What kind of criteria can/should we employ for assessing the effectiveness of MEAs?