Multinational Strategic Alliances

Create a strategic alliance case study. You will begin by choosing two companies that are currently in a strategic alliance (i.e., have entered into an agreement to share resources fora specific project which is mutually beneficial). At least one of the companies must be involved with multinational e-commerce.
An example would be Starbucks and Bames and Noble. Bames and Noble licenses the right to sell Starbucks coffee in their Barnes and Noble cafes. Do not use these two companies, but look for other partnerships similar to this. You will be looking at these multinational companies with e-commerce and alliances in mind, so please remember the importance of the associated strategies and structures. Include the following components in your case study.
List the two companies. and share a brief description of their alliance. In addition. note how they have designed and managed this relationship/alliance (e.g., formal, informal, joint venture). Examine the countries where these companies do business. Are there any cultural barriers or language differences? Does either company have multilingual websites tailored to the countries where business is conducted? Describe what you think are the greatest benefits of the alliance for each company.