Muscle testing techniques

Entry 1
Pick a given or known answer (such as your name or age) and practice muscle testing techniques until you find one that is consistent for you. Next practice it on the same food item, one you eat often. Do it over and over until it is consistent. Describe your process. (5 points)
Entry 2
How can you use muscle testing to help you make decisions? Apply the muscle testing technique on 2 medium risk decisions. Describe the decision, process and outcome. (5 points each)
Entry 3
Practice using power vs force in 2 different situations. (5 points each)
For example, at the store and you are unhappy about the way the cashier is treating you-do you approach them with anger and force to change the situation or through a place of power-smile understand from context that they might be having a bad day…
Entry 4
Describe the following process in detail for 2 decisions: Notice your habitual position-perception-attitude-reaction and make a choice to change your position and perception. How does the shift impact your experience? (5 points each)