Music Critique Comparing a cultivated performance and a vernacular performance

Read Ch 12 “Style and Function of Music in Society” especially about the classification of music: Cultivated versus Vernacular

*ballet (Swan Lake):

*Gospel (Kirk Franklin):

View each performance and take notes on what you see, hear, and experience. Use Ch 13 “Putting Music into Words” as a guide. Gather as much detail on the music as possible, especially connecting specific timings (3’44” – Using 3’44” only as an example on how to quote a timing from a video: 3′ = 3 minutes, 44″ = 44 seconds, 3’44” = 3 minutes 44 seconds) to the elements of the music that you highlight. Strive to make connections between the cultivated side of music and vernacular. Both of these types of music are relevant and cherished by mankind. Why is that?

*Is it possible to appreciate both cultivated and vernacular music?

After viewing the performances and contemplating their significance, formulate a thesis statement that defines, in your opinion, the relationship between cultivated and vernacular music.