Musical ethnography

Musical ethnography

Paper details:

To explore a “music culture” as it relates to an individual or group (your informant) that has a relationship to music in order to gain insight into both the substance of this music as well as its role in the life or lives of the studys subject(s). You will be creating a musical “Ethnography”

Develop a questionnaire that addresses the following points:

1- biographical information, date and place of birth, places of residence (with dates); family members,school, religion, ethnicity, etc.

2- Informants musical training, experiences, music budget, & what the money is spent on, etc.

3- if the music involves musical activites, describe them. does the person play in an ensemble? what other activites relate to your informant’s musical ties?

4- musical taste of informants, family, friends, etc.

5- specific artists or repertoire that the informant listens to

6-sources for the informants music (radio, CD, TV, movies, internet, live performances, etc)

7- various ways informant experiences the music (what he/she/they do or think while listening)

8- any other areas of inquiry that might interest you.

C) interview a person (or group) with a relationship to music

D) Document the music if possible.

E) Analyze and interpret the information gathered in your interview and relate that information to the outlines components and draw conclusions from that work. make sure you provide a discussion of the style elements that charaterize the music that your informant is involved with (tonal elements, time style elements, formal style elements, text, etc.) Rememeber- it is the person(s) you interviewed and that persons relationship to music as well as the music itself that is the subject of your paper. try to develop a topic- something significant about the musical genre and its relationship to its creator or performers ( for example, giving the role of gender in specific musical situations as a possible topic, or you might want to think about the economic aspects of the relationship and of the genre.