My Capstone Project – Project Management Application

The Project consists of construction and maintenance of several Air Conditioned Buildings that has been indicated in the Project Detail Drawings/ Specifications and elaborated in the attached documents not limited to following;
1. Construct new (MAR?3) building “Market?3” consists of B+G+1, on pre?excavated area, within allocated spaces between existing retail shads including Substation (B?9).
2. Demolish existing two retail shade and construct new retail building at each side of the newly constructed MAR?3, complete including parking lots and all MEP associated works connected to existing networks.
3. Construct new offices building (B?1).
4. Construct trailer inspection Building (B?2) including control rooms, shadings, external works, trucks weight scale, all associated Civil, Architecture and MEP.
5. Construct 9 numbers new control rooms (B?3).
6. Renovation of existing 3 nrs Driver’s Rest Block (B?4).
7. Construct new shade area (B?5) For Electrical car charging yard with chain?link Fence including control Block.
8. Construct shaded and control block (B?6) for forklift Parking and Charging area.
9. Construct 3 nrs new underground garbage containers (B?7).
10. Habitation of an existing 15 numbers of an existing garbage collection yard (B?8) to include complete RCC slab at Grade , Maintenance and repair walls and Ceramic finish.
11. Provide electrical connection power sockets for existing trailers/ trucks existing parking area.
12. Construct Boundary wall complete with DM logo and lighting.
13. Construct new Whole Sale Market (CPC?3) including Civil, Architecture and MEP with connection to the existing network. ( My project will be about it )
14. Habitation, expansion and, Maintenance of existing shaded Platform to be used as an Air?conditioning space (CPC?1) and (CPC?2), work will include construction of additional steel structure members, replacement of existing roofing with heat insulated aluminum sheet, all Civil, Architecture and MEP associated works.
15. Construct a connection Passage (CPC?4) between existing Shaded Platform. loading platform (CPC?1 and CPC?2).
16. Improving in infrastructure drainage system.
17. Complete external work that needed to construct Part or complete of the Project, not limited to; removal of existing Curb Stone, Interlocking Tile, existing structure, and relocating trees, remove and reconstruct drinking fountain, Soft and Hard landscaping etc.
The project guidelines:
1. Your project as a business case.
2. How your project is selected (organization project selection criteria).
3. Define objectives, goals and requirements.
4. Preliminary scope statement.
5. High level work breakdown structure (WBS).
6. Detailed WBS.
7. Formulate your project team.
8. Provide a time management plan (schedule) with critical path using CPM based on resource pool and resource allocation.
9. Estimate costs and budget.
10. Develop Human Resource plan.
11. Develop quality plan.
12. Develop communication plan.
13. Develop risk plan.
14. Develop procurement plan.
15. Integrate all project plans