My Hanoi video Analysis

My Hanoi video questions

1. What is “the cooperative” and why is it important to the narrator?

2. When, and why, did the flower trade at the village begin to dwindle, according to the video?

3. What is significant about the “Old Quarter,” both geographically and culturally?

4. What is the “overloaded situation” that the narrator describes, and how does it reflect larger aspects of urbanization in Southeast Asia?

5. How does the “old life” (during the period of sluggishness) contrast with life today? Be specific!

6. What replaced the tomb of the person who established the neighborhood? What does this “replacement” represent?

7. What subjects is the narrator’s niece studying? Which ones does she not like? Why is this significant?

8. When is Hanoi most beautiful, and why do you think the narrator asks this question?

9. What is characteristic of the author’s one Hanoi (Or, in other words, what is her general message in the video)? Your response to this question should be a minimum of 100 words.