My role as an electrical engineer

Submit a 2-3 page essay or personal narrative (single-spaced, 12 point font)
• A design specific problem that could only be overcome through the use of critical thinking, teamwork, and creativity
• An inter-personal problem within the group which required communication, empathy and understanding as peers within the engineering community to overcome
• Any concept that you did not understand prior to this project that you have come to understand through your own research and the help of your design team

Intended to make you think critically about your role as an electrical engineer.
This is a personal narrative or essay; it is a chance for you to show your abilities as an engineer and how you have grown as an engineer from working with your team to complete your senior design project.
You are encouraged to look back on your time as a student and reflect on how you have grown as an engineer.
Guidelines for generating your report are provided