NASW code of ethics

The following post has two assignments namely;

1. NASW code of ethics

Write a discussion post consisting of at least 250 words answering the following questions below:

What do you feel was the intention of developing school social work initially? Has this changed over time in your opinion? Explain your answers (either yes or no). How do the NASW Code of Ethics (can be found here: (NASW-Code-of-Ethics.pdfPreview the documentView in a new window) coincide with school social work practice? Be specific in your answer please. Specify at least 2 ways that school social work practice has changed throughout history based on what you read in the text chapter this week (Please remember that I do not want you to simply re-state what you read, but tell me in your own words). What are some social forces or conditions that presently have a direct bearing on education in the United States? What are the implications for social work practice in the schools?

2. Gender equality

“Gender equality is one of the main political goals in Europe…. Nevertheless, European labour markets are still significantly stratified by gender. We observe horizontal gender segregation i.e. that women and men work in different jobs …We also find vertical gender inequalities i.e. that women are disadvantaged compared to men in terms of income and access to supervisory positions”.
(Dammrich & Blossfield, 2017 p263)

Critically evaluate the above statement considering the current roles of men and women at work and likely future work roles of men and women in the UK. Use appropriate evidence and examples to support your answer.