National Security Act of 1947




1- An element of the National Security Act of 1947 stated “…No United States intelligence information may be provided to the United Nations or any
organization affiliated with the United Nations-” Briefly defend this position from an ethical perspective-

2- How would you define “morally intolerable” and “morally acceptable” from an intelligence operation perspective concerning national security? Is torture
of terrorists or enemy combatants ever morally acceptable?

3- Explain what you would consider to be a working definition of integrity for an intelligence gathering government agency. What sort of attributes would be

4- What sort of conclusion did Kent Pekel come to in his discussion of integrity and ethics at the CIA? What are his recommendations?

5- Under what circumstances would war be a “just” war? The law allows one to act justifiably in defense of self or defense of others- Would war also be
allowed in defense of others?