NCHL Competencies and STAR Format Rating

Consider your past experience as it relates to the competencies for this course and your
health care administration program:

Develop a baseline assessment of your health care executive competencies using the STAR Format
Competency Rating assessment (includes Situation, Task, Action, Result, and Outcome rating) in the
Resources. Note that a successful Capstone project will include a self-assessment of your current

Provide substantive, yet concise examples of how you have practiced the skill sets in the past, preferably in
the health care and human services industry. Consider, if you do not have experience in health care or human
services, how you may have practiced a competency in a different industry or setting; a previous job;
volunteer work; or other courses here at Capella. For example, perhaps when you assumed a role on a
strategic marketing team for a client organization you practiced “analytical thinking,” “strategic orientation,”
and “organizational awareness.” Or, perhaps you practiced “information seeking” and “self-confidence” in a
health policy team debate on HIPAA. When conducting a cost-benefit analysis in health care quality, you may
have practiced “financial skills,” “performance measurement,” and “human resource management.” Ideally you
will select the most current, relevant competency examples that relate to health care leadership.