Order Description


Kate and Susie have been friends since they were sixteen years old.
Over the years they have been through a lot together, including Susie’s excessive drinking.
Kate has recently become engaged and invites Susie to accompany her wedding dress shopping. Kate and Susie have spent the afternoon looking at wedding dresses for Kate’s wedding. Before heading home they decide to go to a new **tail bar to celebrate Kate finding ‘the dress’. After availing of the ’2 for 1’ offer Susie offers Kate a lift home in her car. Kate is hesitant, however, Susie assures Kate that she is all right to drive as she is probably “only just over the drink-drive limit”.
On the journey home Susie looses control of the car and crashes into a lamp post. Kate suffers minor cuts and bruises and is taken to hospital by ambulance for a check up. Susie travels with Kate in the ambulance for support. While Kate is in hospital waiting for the doctor to check her out and for her fiancé to arrive Kate realises how serious the accident could have been and tells Susie that she really needs to get her act together. Susie replies that it was Kate’s own fault for getting in the car, and she should have known better.
Kate decides that she is cutting all ties with Susie and wants her to pay for the injuries Kate sustained. Advise Kate.