Netflix Company

1. Examine the mission statement, vision, brief history and current events (within the last 5 years) of Netflix.
a. How does Netflix compete with others in the same industry?
b. What changes in management functions might occur as one is promoted up the management hierarchy of Netflix?
2. What are the roles and impact of Governance (Board), senior leadership, mid-managers, directors, staff personnel of Netflix?

3. Does Netflix use centralized or decentralized governance? How does this compare to similar organizations?

4. Discuss Netflix’s culture (group dynamics, etc.) and its impact within the organization.

5. Discuss your SWOT analysis regarding Netflix’s structure, HRM, and the culture of the organization

6. Discuss the four Ps of marketing within Netflix. How do they contribute to or hinder the organization’s sales or growth within the last 5 years?

7. Discuss how Netflix varies globally and/or nationally in regards to one or all of the 4 Ps.

8. Discuss Netflix’s financial position. Any cash on hand after operations? Is performance good or bad?

9. Compare Netflix’s financials to at least 2 other organizations in the industry. How is your company doing? Did you find anything else to add to SWOT analysis?

10. Discuss any ethical and legal issues discovered in Netflix within the past 5 years. (Hint: conduct an Internet search for media coverage of the organization)

11. Discuss recommendations to Netflix to aid in growth within the next 3 years (budget, technology, etc.)

12. Discuss the global impact of Netflix?

13. Is your Netflix 21st Century prepared? Explain

14. If you had money to invest, would you invest it in Netflix? Why or why not?

15. Do you think Netflix will still be around at the end of the century? Why or why not?