Network Security

Networks drive access to computing power personally, academically, and professionally. Communications depend on sending and receiving devices. The networks transmit all forms of data, information, and communications. Understanding the structure of networks is essential to understanding how systems and machines are interconnected and their interrelationships with software and applications.
Assignment Instructions
You are a work-at-home associate for a large health insurance company and you are traveling on business. You decide to get some work done at the local coffee shop and log on to their free Wi-Fi to access your company resources for work.
A couple of days later, you find that your company account was hacked when you were working at the coffee shop and some proprietary information may have been vulnerable.
For this assignment, write a memo to your boss about this incident.
Explain the circumstances that made your account vulnerable to hacking. Explain how you could have done things differently to prevent this from happening. Summarize the article that you read on network security and explain how the information contained in it could be used to extend people’s knowledge (attached Network Article file).