Nevada Government

Nevada Government
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CHOOSE ONE of the following topics and write an essay of approximately 550 words. Make sure that your essay has an introduction and conclusion, and support your opinions with details from the website. You may use other sources but please appropriately cite those sources. Your essay should be spell-checked and carefully proofread; points will be deducted for avoidable errors. I expect the normal college format: double-spacing, 12-point font, even margins, etc.

1. Go to the Nevada Governor’s website and read his 2015 “State of the State” address- (Links to an external site.) Explain your perspective on TWO aspects of his proposals for change in Nevada government.
2. Examine the websites of the Controller and the Treasurer for the State of Nevada. Compare and contrast their responsibilities.
3.Examine the list of bills proposed in the 2015 Nevada Assembly or Nevada Senate. (Links to an external site.) Choose three that you consider to be important and explain why. (You can get more information about any of the bills on the website of the Nevada Legislature.)