New Product PowerPoint

Develop a PowerPoint to be used in support of your new product pitch.
Introductory Slide
Who you are and who is the company? (Hint: Generally it is best to NOT provide the product idea yet. Wait until you’ve told your market opportunity story below…)
Market Opportunity
Relevant trends & influences
What is the unmet/underserved need you’ve identified?
What will be the product’s competitive position? (think perceptual map)
Target market(s) – segmentation bases + size of segment(s) targeted
Targeting strategy
Product Idea
Name of the product
Image/package of the product
Product highlights
Current perceptions of product or product characteristics within target market
“Fit” of new product with company’s other products
Competitive advantage provided by the product
Pricing Strategy
What will be the price(s) of the product?
What is the basis of the price(s)?
Are there any special considerations regarding distribution or supply chain?
Where will the product be sold?
Are there other place considerations or concerns?
What is the product’s personality that should be expressed through advertising?
What is the desired outcome(s) of the promotion: (e.g., awareness, understanding, interest)?
What media will you be using?
Six (minimum) full-frame slide storyboards for a 30 second TV commercial (from week 5)
The “Ask”
What do you want the group to decide? (what would be the next step?)
References (if used) – these should be included in your PowerPoint deck, but not talked about in the presentation