New Technology Marketing simulation

New Technology Marketing simulation paper

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Mаrkеtіng research methods are well-established to estimate demand, oрtimally design рroducts, and determine target segments when the product/service of interest is to be launched soon and/or is of an incremental change. However, many of you make take jobs at firms (e.g. Google, SpaceX, etc…) that are building products for far off into the future for which customers have little to no familiarity. Yet, the needs of data-driven marketing strategy still exist. Your assignment here is two-fold:

1) Click on the link to the Wharton Learning Labs FutureView application (LINK HERE ( and participate in the experience. login-in information is provided as below.

2) The data that emerges from FutureView is valuable for dynamic marketing strategy decisions describe in the class. In your write-up, first, explicitly describe the data that you would capture from FutureView if you were going to utilize it as a business intelligence tool for marketing strategy. Second, be explicit about how you could use FutureView data to determine target segment(s), price, demand, distribution, shape of the PLC, etc…

Assignments that are specific about the data that emerge from FutureView and how you would explicitly tie that to specific marketing strategy decisions will receive the highest score.