Nietzsche and King

Nietzsche and King

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The Treatment of the Vulnerable:
A Comparative Analysis of Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil
with King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail

In the first section state and explain the topic of the paper (the title above should give you some good information about the topic of the paper): for example, in every society there will be the powerful and those who are vulnerable to the powerful. The question becomes how to respond to the vulnerable, that is the down-and-out or needy, in that society. Introduce the two philosophers whose writings we will use to address this issue: Martin Luther King, Jr. and Friedrich Nietzsche. Nietzsche is addressing this issue in a more general sense, whereas MLK is addressing it in a specific sense, the plight of the African American in the South before the enactment of the Civil Rights Legislation. You might want to explain which model of ethics they are representing, e.g. materialism, pantheism, Jewish, Christian, or Muslim, etc.

In the second section you need to state the major approach Nietzsche is taking towards the vulnerable (down-and-out) in Beyond Good and Evil and how he develops and supports that approach.

In the third section you need to state the major approach MLK is taking in Letter from Birmingham Jail and how he develops and supports that approach.

After describing and analyzing the two approaches, state whose approach you prefer and explain the reason you endorse that approach. For example, show the weaknesses of the approach you reject and the strengths of the approach you prefer. Point out the strengths of the approach you support and the weaknesses of the approach you reject. Also, point out any principles of logic either MLK or Nietzsche may be using and also any logical principles they may be violating. For example, do you see any evidence of begging the question, violation of non-contradiction, appeal to appropriate authority, non sequitur? Finally, state how the approach you selected might be improved upon and what you will do to address the plight of the down-and-out in your life.

Remember that this page is to be a two pages in length (1½ pages will be long enough BUT NO SHORTER!). Do NOT mess with the writing template, e.g. font size and type of font. Doing so will result in a “0” for this assignment. You might also want to add a footnote to cite the source for a claim from either the Nietzsche or King writing. If so (and you are using Microsoft Word), use the following command to insert a footnote: CTRL + ALT + F.