Nitrazepam – Medicine Information Report

Provide background information about the product including: – Class of medicines the product belongs to – Names of commercially available preparations of the product, their dosage forms (i.e. tablet, capsule, topical preparation, inhaler, injection etc.) and strengths – Name of the active ingredient and a diagram of its chemical structure – Availability of the product (i.e. over the counter, pharmacy only, pharmacist only, prescription required etc.) • Outline the uses of the product in practice including: – The condition(s) the product is used to treat or manage – A brief description of the mechanism of action of the active ingredient – The role of the product as part of the overall therapy of the condition (i.e. used alone, used in combination, used as first-line treatment, used as last-line treatment etc.) Provide information about the effects associated with the product including: – The most common side effects – The most serious side effects – How patients taking this product should respond if they experience these side effects • Describe one clinically significant interaction between the product and another medicine including: – The mechanism behind how this interaction occurs – How this interaction should be managed • Describe the most important counselling points or advice that a pharmacist should provide to a patient who is receiving this product for the first time • Discuss something you consider to be unique or interesting about this product (e.g. how it was discovered, how it is manufactured,