None of the Above: Multi-Racial Children

None of the Above: Multi-Racial Children*

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go to and watch the film and then answer all the question below. you might need the user & password username:Aalwabe1 Password:Majeedhamad99

None of the Above: Multi-Racial Children*

1. For EACH (Leslie, Erika, Curtiss, AND Henrietta) biracial individual in the video identify:
A. Their racial and self-identity issues

B. Conflicts about social marginality

C. How does each resolved their conflicts or ambiguity about

a. Self-Identity

b. Social Identity

D. The role of family in developing a healthy self and racial/ethnic identity.

2. Which individual within the video did you think had the most positive self- image? Explain why.

3. List three or more challenges of being a multi/biracial child

4. List three or more positives of being a multi/biracial child.

5. Select any one of the individuals* in the film and explain through
Symbolic Interaction theory how each of them developed their sense of self
and how they changed in response to their interaction with others. Include
in your response at least five or more of the basic assumptions (e.g., specify
overarching themes), primary terms and concepts (e.g., symbols,
interaction, social norms, rituals, salience, identity) from SI theory. Your five
selections may cut across themes, terms, and concepts (you are not required to
do five from each area).
* Film Interviewees
Leslie, a young woman of Native American, African, and European ancestry describes herself as living in a kaleidoscope. Erika (the film producer) of Asian Indian and Danish descent, says she is uncomfortable in her own skin. Curtiss, son of a Japanese mother and African-American father says he does not allow the U.S. census to force him into a false choice and Henrietta, whose family has been mixed for at least six generations and defies all categorization says her social ambiguity forced her to live different selves.