Novandon Discount Department Store arson fire.

Prepare a report on the details of the Novandon Discount Department Store arson fire. You should include the processing of evidence provided in the scenario and the processing of evidence found at the points of origin of the fire. This includes how and why you recorded the artifacts and the scene. You should include safety equipment and precautions you took during processing.
Explain your probable cause for getting a warrant for the scene.
Assignment Guidelines
Address the following in 5-7 pages: What are 2 actions that can be taken pertaining to the crowd of onlookers that might help you identify the offender(s)? Explain. What are 2 areas you would check to ensure the scene can be searched safely? Explain. What personnel records and other business papers should you subpoena from the Novandon Discount Department Store? Explain why. What are 3 artifacts of a fire that would indicate the heat of the fire and points of origin? Explain. What are 2 elements of evidence you would expect to find in the scene? Explain. How would you collect them for evidence? Explain in detail. What is 1 method for search, other than visual, you would use to identify the presence of an accelerant? Explain the process. What are 2 items of equipment that will be absolutely necessary to conduct the crime scene search? Explain. Promulgate a theory, based on facts and not on emotions, on the circumstances surrounding this arson investigation. Be as creative as necessary, but support all statements accordingly.